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Some of my earliest and most cherished childhood memories
are centered around art. I remember being a wee lad living in the Lake District of Northern England, making paintings and drawings for my classmates (sometimes on demand!) and winning village drawing contests. I've been making art on and
off ever since.


As I grew up I tended to focus more on my musical aspirations, but about half-way through college I met some painters, discovered art history courses, and was inspired to pick up the brushes again. As I pored over the monographs in the oversized section of the college library, I was initially taken with the Post-Impressionists and Expressionists and for many years worked in that figurative tradition; feverishly filling sketchbooks and mutilating canvases while taking continuing education art classes in the SF bay area. 


Initially, I was an oil on canvas purist, but gradually branched out into mixed media. I had some small group and individual shows and did a few commissions. I ultimately amassed a portfolio and got into an MFA program. However, for personal, practical, and professional reasons my stint as a graduate student lasted all of one semester. Despite dropping out of grad school, I continued to make art.


Nowadays, when it comes to managing my creative endeavors, I do my best to toggle between my musical and artmaking ambitions which I currently practice in Santa Fe, NM--which has been attracting artists and creatives for many years. My current work reflects, for me, a long-awaited arrival into the realm of abstraction. It has at times been a frustrating and circuitous path, but ever so worthwhile in the end. My ongoing collage and mixed media work is an embodiment of this journey. 


This work emerged from an experiment in destruction and recreation. Almost all of the elements are built from the remains of my early work that I destroyed, repurposed, reimagined, and frankensteined together using various adhesives, gels and other media. My process is much like solving a puzzle--assembling and reassembling different fragments from prior work, using formal elements like color, composition and texture as a guide, until the work reaches a state of intuitive completeness that, like a landscape, takes the viewer to a contemplative space.


Thanks for looking!


Cheers, Guy






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